Re: Price increases / Policy Changes

Woof recognizes that our clients are experiencing many financial increases in their lives, and we are working to keep our services affordable, however, due to the increases in our operating costs, we find it necessary to make moderate changes to our fees.

Changes to costs for retail products are directly correlated to increased cost from our distributors, and supply chain. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control.

Changes to costs in grooming reflect the time spent and product required to provide pets with a proper and beneficial grooming experience. With many pets requiring more intense grooming procedures, and more dogs who were unable to be properly socialized and introduced to grooming during the pandemic, greater patience and skill is needed to ensure your pet does not have a bad grooming experience.

Woof has added services, such as the Nagayu Skin Care bathing system, specialty shampoos (not generic one sud does all) specific to each pets individual needs.

Some basic services (ie nail trims) will not change.

If you are not satisfied with your groom, please advise us upon pick up. If possible we will glady alter the groom to your satisfaction or discuss how to correct.

Woof has zero tolerance for abusive behaviour. This is applicable to abuse of pets, OR people. If such behaviour is observed, Woof will report it, and if needed ban individuals from the premises.

The dramatic rise in our daycare and boarding clients has led us to increase the employees here to monitor your pet, and make sure their playtime is fun and safe.

Woof does not recommend bringing large comforters, or beds, as we can not properly launder these should they become dirty. Woof makes every effort to keep each dogs items with them, and in good order, but does not accept liability for lost or damaged items.

Interactions between pets are monitored for safety, but always carry inherent risk of injury. Woof does not assume liability for injuries that occur during routine play.

Kennel Cough vaccines are not 100% effective, and dogs can carry the infection without obvious symptoms. In most cases it will self resolve. We do try to let clients know once an outbreak has been reported, but we can not guarantee against the infection, nor are we liable for any costs incurred should a pet require veterinarian care as a result of kennel cough infection.

We have always tried to be flexible with our clients, however with the high demand for reservations and appointments, we have had to make the following changes:

  • A 50% deposit is required for all stays longer than 2 weeks;
  • Payments must be made bi-weekly (e-transfer is available) on stays longer than 1 month;
  • Pets that are left longer than 30 days, without payment will be deemed abandoned, and may be placed or surrendered at Woof’s discretion;
  • We are happy to offer on account services, but accounts payments must be paid monthly, or we reserve the right to add interest (2% per diem), and if needed, collection fees;
  • Cancellation of boarding reservations with less than 24 hours notice on regular stays, or 48 hours for holidays, and no shows are subject to a charge up to 50% of the reservation price at Woof’s discretion;
  • No shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice for grooming, and therapeutic modalities will be subject up to a charge up to 100% of the price, at Woof’s discretion;
  • Clients who repeatedly miss appointments without notice may be required to pay a non refundable deposit before further reservations are accepted;
  • Staff may take pictures of pets for the purposes of posting on social media. We respect our clients privacy – if you do not wish to have your dog appear on our social feeds, please notify us.