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Welcome to Woof! Pet Wellness Resort. We are a state of the art facility offering dog boarding, cat boarding, doggie daycare, pet grooming, therapy for dogs and a complete pet wellness store, all at reasonable rates.

Dog Boarding & Cat Boarding

Due to their nature as denning animals, dogs in new environments feel far more secure in smaller, private spaces. We offer two sizes of condos including multi dog family sized condo’s.

With our custom built indoor Kitty Condos, kitty has its own window for birdwatching, private litter, pyramid bed, cat toys and an aquarium for hours of watching pleasure.

Your pet receives ample exercise, socialization, one-on-one interaction along with proper attention to their individual needs.

$52.50*/2 dog in shared unit/day
$63.75*/3 dogs in shared unit/day
$14*/1-3 pm boarding p.u.

$36.75*/2 cats/day
$14*/1-3 pm boarding p.u.

Pet Grooming

Certain breeds benefit from regular grooming especially if they are prone to matting. But it’s also nice to have your pet smelling great along with improving their overall health. We can keep an eye on hot spots, skin problems or parasites.

Specialty Services Available:

  • Bath and brush outs, nail clipping and teeth brushing
  • Paw-dicures and funky fun cuts
  • Synergy Spa Dead Sea Products
  • Special occasion styling (including temporary dye jobs)
  • Wellness procedures (ear cleaning, specialty shampoos)
  • Custom shampoos
  • Specialty treatments (hot oil, de-skunking)
  • We feature a custom walk in shower for large dogs
  • Dematting

Starting at:

Small dogs $60* B&N $45
Medium dogs $82*  B&N $56
Large dogs starting at $102* B&N $67
X-large dogs $128* B&N $78
Nail trim $20*

Call for a cost estimate today!

Doggie Daycare

All dogs require exercise and often don’t get enough left on their own – even in a backyard. Boredom can lead to chewing, barking and an unhappy pet.

At Woof!, young dogs learn valuable skills to meet and interact with a variety of breeds and sizes.

Older or special needs dogs are monitored and exercised quietly by trained and capable caregivers.

High strung dogs have a safe outlet for their excessive energy, so you can enjoy them without the demands for attention and exercise.

Your pet’s safety is our primary concern. While enjoying their fun, the dogs are supervised in secured play and exercise areas. Rest time is provided in private quarters.

$14*/1 dog/under 6 hrs.
$24*/2 dogs/under 6 hrs.
$20.75*/1 dog/over 6 hrs.
$35.50*/2 dog/over 6 hrs.

Therapy for Dogs

Woof Pet Resort has a extensive suite of therapeutic services to aid in your dogs well being and comfort.

They include but are not limited to:

  • Pre/post surgical/injury pain relief and recovery.
  • Routine weight control, regular exercise & body maintenance.
  • Geriatric no stress exercise, arthritic pain management.
  • Spa therapy centre to fit your dog’s needs.
  • Year round aqua-fit for your best friend.

Each program is planned along side your veterinary care professional to suit your dog’s individual needs. 

Stop in today to check out what’s available and how we can improve your dog’s health.

Pet Wellness Store

Woof! carries several lines of therapeutic products to help you manage your pets wellness.

Forza 10 & Forza Legend Targeted Nutrition Diets are designed to specifically address chronic health issues in dogs and cats. The efficacy of these foods is amazing, and we have many local testimonials on how well it’s addressed conditions from chronic ear infections to behavioural issues.

Hurraw is a Canadian sourced and manufactured, dehydrated raw food that has benefits of raw and the convenience of kibble.

Triacta & Triacta HA – these Canadian made, water soluble formulas offer tremendous relief to pets suffering from joint issues and arthritis. Containing MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid in the HA formula, there are none of the binders or fillers found in pill form of these supplements.

Bluestem – these Canadian dental products are our top choice for dental maintenance – available as a drinking water additive, no shock oral spray, or toothpaste.  Your pets teeth will stay clean, and their breath fresh.

Mojo’s and Yappetizers/True Hemp CBD (sativia) treats, supplemental oils and tinctures – an excellent option for anxious dogs during stressful times to relax and promote a sense of wellbeing and pain management.

Our specialty is Wellness, so come in and chat with one of our experts! We’d love to find out about your pets individual needs, and help you choose the best products for you and your pet.


Please note: Prices are subject to change.

Pet Requirements

What vaccinations are required to board our pet

All pets must have proof of current rabies vaccination, titre or veterinarian excusal.

Why do we have to bring our own food?

Keeping diets consistent while pets stay with us helps to avoid digestive upsets that can cause diarrhea, vomiting or other potential problems that can result.

Do you allow pets that are fed raw diets?

Absolutely, we have refrigeration as well as a freezer for dogs staying longer term. We always carry frozen raw products, and Hurraw (dehydrated raw) products available for our clients convenience or in the event of an unexpected extended stay.

Our pet isn’t fixed, can he/she still board?

Dogs that are still intact are permitted to board but may not be able to run in the community play. If your female is in heat we need to know this before check in as it may affect run assignment. Unfortunately, we can not accommodate cats that have not been neutered.

Do I need to bring bedding or toys?

Woof! is happy to provide both bedding and toys for your pet. If you wish to bring their own, we ask that you not bring any bed that can not be laundered (ie bulky oversize beds, or foam core beds). Small blankets, beds or towels and toys are permissible.*

* Please do NOT bring any bed, toy, collar or bag that you would be devastated if lost or destroyed – we work hard to make sure our guests go home with what they came with, clean and intact, but sometimes stuff happens and we are not liable for these losses.

Check out our Reviews

  • Our big dog loves Woof Always happy to get out of the car and meet whoever is taking him inside. The staff are so friendly. We are grateful for the good care provided

    Cliff Martin Avatar Cliff Martin
    July 20, 2021
  • My grand puppy loves coming here. He gets so excited as soon as we get near there. Love the staff.

    November 5, 2019
  • Thank you for taking such good care of our Nemo.

    Olivia Simon Avatar Olivia Simon
    March 25, 2022
  • Wonderful experience for my dog, for both day visits and a few nights. Highly recommend.

    Carolyn Alves Avatar Carolyn Alves
    February 14, 2022
  • Took my dog to stay here for a week, while I went away on my trip and had no issues at all. Would recommend!

    Brayden Kell Avatar Brayden Kell
    March 14, 2023

Recommended by vets 

We're pleased to be recommended by numerous veterinarians in the region. We belong to a number of associations and have been recognized by The Woodstock Chamber of Commerce.

International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork Association of Canine Water Therapy
The Woodstock Chamber of Commerce Award of Excellence

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